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A rapturous verbatim

someone said but who's to know...

Shrouded in Sorrow
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This is a community about The Mars Volta and The Mars Volta only.


j0hnny_v0dka aim - j0hnny vodka

stigmatadiab0li aim - getzas311

1.No making fun of TMV.TMV is better than you ever will be.

2.No typing like a homo. Example:ThE MArS volTA !S s0 t0TA11y speCTAcuLar!i!

3.Don't make any pointless comments or ones that have nothing to do with TMV. If you do they will be deleted immediately by one of the maintainers.

4. Don't be assholes to the maintainers.They own you and are much cooler than you.

5.If you have something to say, make sure no one posted about it. Look back and see if its already been posted.

6.Don't ramble on and on about stuff you think we wouldn't care about. We dont like you wasting our time.

7.Don't say stuff about anyone else in the community. We all like TMV so just keep it together.

8.Be cool. If someone pisses you off tell a maintainer and well take care of it.